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1. Meeting Date : 23/01/2017
2. Venue: Narmada Conference Hall, Ground floor, Jal Wing, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Indira Paryavaran Bhawan, Jor Bagh, New Delhi
3. Time : 2.30 P.M
4. No. Of Project : 50
S.No.Project IDName of Project ProponentProject TitleProject Type
1 1/7/11/2014Torrent Solargen Limited (formerly known as Torrent Power Bhiwandi Limited)51 MW Solar Power Project at Charanka, GujaratLarge
2 3/ML/9/2014Interocean Shipping (I) Pvt. Ltd.11.35 MW bundled renewable energy based power generation by Interocean GroupSmall
3 4/7/10/2009Envarrior Consulting Services5.25 MW small scale wind power based bundled CDMproject activity at Gujarat by Envarrior Consulting Small
4 5/7/4/2014CERA Sanitaryware Limited1.00 MW Solar Power based Small Scale CDM Project in Mehsana District, GujaratSmall
5 8/14/2/2015Interocean Shipping (I) Pvt. Ltd.9.5MW wind energy based power generation by Interocean GroupSmall
6 9/7/8/2015Gokulanand Texturisers Pvt LtdRenewable Energy Project by Gokulanand Texturisers Limited (EKIESL-CDM. Nov 15-01)Small
7 11/7/6/2014CERA Sanitaryware Limited4.00 MW Wind Power based Small Scale CDM Project in Jamnagar District, Gujarat. (Envarrior ConsultinSmall
8 12/14/2/2012EnvironmentFirst Energy Services (P) LtdWind Power Project in Madhya Pradesh by EnvironmentFirst-214Small
9 13/28/9/2014ReXchange Global Solutions (P91) Bundled Renewable Power Project by LNB Group (EKIESL-CDM.March-15-01)Small
10 17/7/10/2013Tadas Wind Energy Private LimitedWind farm at Lalpur, GujaratLarge
11 18/ML/7/2013Markdata Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.Wind Power Project by Markdata Green Energy (EKIESL-CDM.January-15-01)Large
12 19/ML/7/2015Manish DabkaraRenewable Power Project by the Kiran Group (EKIESL- CDM. September 15-02)Small
13 20/7/8/2014ReXchange Global Solutions (P103)Bundled Renewable Power Project by Jai Bharat Gp (EKIESL-CDM.April16-02)Small
14 21/1/1/2011Sundew Properties LimitedEnergy efficiency measures at Mindspace, Hyderabad, Building no. 12A, 12B, 12C & 20 of Sundew PropeSmall
15 22/15/11/2013K Raheja Corp Pvt LtdEnergy efficiency measures in Building no. 5 and 8 of K. Reheja Corp Private Ltd. Div. Commerzone, PSmall
16 23/15/11/2013GIGAPLEX ESTATE PRIVATE LIMITEDEnergy efficiency measures in Building no. 2,4,5,6 & 3 of Gigaplex, Navi Mumbai by Gigaplex Estate PSmall
17 25/ML/11/2015Pramatha Power Private LimitedRenewable Energy Project by Pramatha Power Pvt. Ltd. Goa (EKIESL- CDM. April 16-04)Small
18 27/14/10/2015RSPL Ltd15 MW Wind Power Project by RSPL Ltd (EKIESL-CDM-May-16-04)Small
19 29/7/11/2014J.N.P. ProductsBiomass based Thermal Energy Generation at J.N.P Products, Bharuch , IndiaSmall
20 30/1/2/2016ReXchange Global Solutions (P115) Wind Power Project by The KTM Jewellery Ltd (EKIESL-CDM-May-16-01)Small
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