Saturday, August 08, 2020
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Change in the Definition of Forest
Government of India Submission to UNFCCC to Revise Country Forest Definition for CDM A/R Projects In the light of several changes proposed for determining the eligibility of land for CDM A/R Projects {EB 22 (Annex 16) through EB26 (Annex 18) which was later put on hold by the COP12/MOP2}, and EB35 Annex18, India, considering its national circumstances feels that it needs to revise its definition of CDM forest communicated earlier to CDM EB by the DNA in respect of CDM A/R Projects. Taking into account practical considerations of the national circumstances, the Government of India proposes following revised country definition of CDM forest: (i) Tree crown cover value between 10 and 30%:15% or equivalent stocking level (ii) Land area value between 0.05 and 1 hectare:0.05 ha (iii) Tree height value between 2 and 5 meters:2 meters
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