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NCDMA Decision-February 2008
The following decisions have been taken by the National CDM Authority in the meeting held on 13 February 2008. 1. The Project Proponents must submit the information/clarification within a period of six months from the date of the National CDM Authority (NCDMA) meeting in which their project was considered for Host Country Approval. This decision stands effective from 22 October 2007 onwards and project proponents. 2. Further, it was decided that all projects proponents whose projects were considered in the NCDMA meeting till 31 December 2005 would require to submit clarifications/inputs to NCDMA latest by 30 April 2008 and all project that were considered between 1 January 2006 and 22 October 2007 shall submit clarifications/inputs to NCDMA latest by 30 June 2008. After these cut off dates, the project will be de-listed and would require to apply afresh for Host Country Approval. 3. In the NCDMA meeting held on 13 February 2008 it was decided that only those consultants will be allowed to accompany the project proponents whose names are mentioned on the projects documents.
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