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NCDMA decision on Small Scale CDM Project
The National CDM Authority (NCDMA) in its meeting held on 17th January, 2012 has decided that the requirement of physical presence of the project proponents in the NCDMA meeting shall be relaxed in specific cases of small scale projects as defined under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and where the project proposal is based on approved methodologies in the following categories :- (i) renewable energy project activities having a maximum output capacity of 15 MW (or an appropriate equivalent) (ii) improvements in energy efficiency which reduce energy consumption, on the supply and/or demand side, with a maximum output of 60 GWh per year (or an appropriate equivalent) and (iii) project activities, that result in emission reductions of less than or equal to 60 kt CO2 equivalent annually. If a project uses new methodology or methodology that is under review or the NCDMA has doubts about any aspect of the project and/or considers its rejection, the usual approval process for considering the project proposal will be followed and the project proponent will be called in the next NCDMA meeting for clarification of issues before a decision is taken.
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